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Intro post

Posted by nattie_dino on 2008.08.30 at 13:25
Hi I thought I would make an intro post since I just joined this community.

My name is Nat and I live in Australia. I'm a 3rd year wildlife science student with the University of Queensland. I am really interested in marsupials and all Australian wildlife. I am hoping next year to do honors and possibly will be focussing on planigales or dunnarts as they are easy to trap fairly close to the university.

I'm very interested in skulls and bones and this semester i am articulating a koala skeleton as part of my university degree. I plan to also learn taxidermy so that I can preserve animals which have died by natural causes so that they can continue to be used for education after their deaths.

In addition to university I am a wildlife carer and will hopefully one day be a possum expert as I really love possums of all types. Currently I have a brushtail possum joey in care who came in barely furred and needs some TLC as he has been sick.

I'll put a few photos under the cut of other brushtails I've raised so you can see how cute they are :)

These last few pics are more what they look like a month or two before going to a release site

This is the one I currently am looking after, his name is Bryant

I hope you enjoyed the photos.


zoobomb at 2008-08-30 14:27 (UTC) (Link)
They are so freaking adorable!! Lucky you!
I want to do my Masters at UQ possibly. Sweeet.
Unfaithful Servant
nattie_dino at 2008-08-30 20:33 (UTC) (Link)
awsome are you in australia?, and what would you do your masters on?
mariaandjordan at 2008-08-31 01:48 (UTC) (Link)
SO beautiful! Especially number 5. I saved it.
It's good to see that this board is alive!
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