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Posted by ashaindrab on 2011.04.25 at 01:27
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Intro post

Posted by nattie_dino on 2008.08.30 at 13:25
Hi I thought I would make an intro post since I just joined this community.

My name is Nat and I live in Australia. I'm a 3rd year wildlife science student with the University of Queensland. I am really interested in marsupials and all Australian wildlife. I am hoping next year to do honors and possibly will be focussing on planigales or dunnarts as they are easy to trap fairly close to the university.

I'm very interested in skulls and bones and this semester i am articulating a koala skeleton as part of my university degree. I plan to also learn taxidermy so that I can preserve animals which have died by natural causes so that they can continue to be used for education after their deaths.

In addition to university I am a wildlife carer and will hopefully one day be a possum expert as I really love possums of all types. Currently I have a brushtail possum joey in care who came in barely furred and needs some TLC as he has been sick.

I'll put a few photos under the cut of other brushtails I've raised so you can see how cute they are :)

Read more...Collapse )

Biologists from the University of Adelaide plan to extract DNA from scat gathered by Dr Eric Guiler in the 1950's and determine whether or not they truly are thylacine droppings.

The full article drom AAP:

Ancient poo probed for Tassie Tiger DNA

Cross posted to lostmarsupials

pirate, happy

Newbie offering! :)

Posted by electricbleu on 2007.06.12 at 00:03
Hello, newbie here! I've always had a soft spot for monotremes--the platypus is my favorite animal--and I'm a bit of a craftster. So, I'm usually keen to combine the two.

I recently made two plushies: one of a polka-dot platypus and one of a stripey echidna. I figured you guys would dig 'em. :)

Pip the PlatypusCollapse )

Kid the EchidnaCollapse )

If I get the chance, I'll try and upload some of my crazy platypus-themed art.


Sugar Glider

Posted by cathijosephine on 2007.05.25 at 17:33

I'm not sure if this post is appropriate for this community, and I'm happy to remove it if you ask. I found a Sugar Glider community, but theis community felt more comfortable to me; I don't know why.

I have just become extremely interested in Sugar Gliders, and I hope to have a pair at some point in the future. I've done a lot of research in the last week, and plan to sit on the idea for at least several months. Right now I'm too poor to purchase them anyway, but that should be changing very soon.

Basically, my biggest concern is that my boyfriend is about to purchase a boa constrictor. Sugar gliders are small fuzzy things and I am guessing that they will smell like prey to a snake. However, they are omnivores, so I'm wondering if the meat in their diet would make them smell less like prey?

If they do smell like prey, I will have to make certain they never end up in the same house as the snake. This will be possible, since we each have our own homes, but I do stay very frequently at his house and I'll want to think long and hard about the logistics involved if my flying opossums can't spend time there.

I'd really appreciate it if you have any information on how these animals would relate to each other.


Opossum Genome Unraveled

Posted by apewit on 2007.05.09 at 15:55
The South American grey short tailed opossum has become the first marsupial to have it's genome fully mapped. It is hoped that this information could be used to help treat paralysis and melanoma cancer in humans.

The full article:
How a Little Opossum could Help Find a Paralysis Cure The Times, United Kingdom

tassie devil

Devil Documentary

Posted by apewit on 2007.05.04 at 20:34
Animal planet ran a documentary on Tasmanian Devils last week as an episode in the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom series. The show focused on the Trowunna wildlife park and the devils raised there. It will be re-run on this coming Saturday and again on Sunday.

Wild Kingdom : Devil Dairy

tassie devil

More devil news

Posted by apewit on 2007.04.13 at 14:15
These are about a week or so old, but I finally had time to post them today.

It seems the 'sanctuary island' for Tassie devils is now making international news, several online news sites are covering the same story, and on the American ABC, there's an article about environmental concerns of the plan. Maria Island, the proposed sanctuary site, is also home to several endangered birds, and the concern is being raised as to whether or not moving devils there will negatively affect the birds.

Tasmanian Devil Rescue Plan Sparks Worry ABC online (United States)

Aside from the annoying 'fox like' comparison (they;re more badger like if anything), I noticed the projection for extinction here is 20 years, where most previous articles said 10. Either there's enough improvement to be more positive, or those who said 10 were erring on the side of caution.

And for the positive news, at least the population on the mainland is breeding, which is not always an easy task to get them to do with a limited breeding season.

Mainland Tasmanian Devil Gives Birth ABC Online (Australia)


more devil updates, and a platypus film

Posted by apewit on 2007.03.30 at 23:05
Tissue samples from diseased devisl arrived in an American Lab for analysis recently (haven't had much time to post it ebfore now, so it's a few days out of date). It also appears that there is evidence the facial tumor disease is spread through biting.

Slow Trip to US Lab, in the Sunday Tasmanian

Unfortunately, funds are running low in the Tasmanian Parks and Rec service with the money spent on both research into devil facial tumor disease as well as fox eradication. The article seems to hint that poor management is to blame, with rangers spending more time on visitor centers than running the parks.

Low parks funding risks ecological disaster, ABC Online (Australia)

Since most of these entries lately have been a little bit of a downer (seeing as how they all deal with a disease ravishing the tassie devils) I thought I'd post a cute little video I found.

Animaland: Platypus
According to the site, this was made by a former Disney animator who had left and joined a studio in the UK, which produced a series of cartoons called 'Animaland', this one was made in 1949.

tassie devil

More Bad News for the Devils

Posted by apewit on 2007.03.02 at 23:43
According to a recent article in The Australian, Tasmanian devils may be a decade away from extinction. There are still plans for establishing healthy populations off the island, but a location has not been found. (I assume this plan is different from the 'Ark' plan that recently shipped devils to the mainland) The testing of a vaccine by the end of this year.

The first of the Warner Brothers 'Taz' soft toys is now for sale, the toys had been recently allowed by Warner Brothers to be produced to help fund facial tumor disease research.

"Tasmanian Devil May Become Extinct" in The Australian

"Researchers to Test Devil Cancer Vaccine" ABC online (Australia)

"A Cartoon Funds Research" in The Scientist (UK)

I try not to put personal opinions in updates on this, but I find it almost disgusting that Warner brothers has been refusing to do this for so long, they have more than enough money to not only allow a few measly toys to be made but to perhaps donate a few million dollars US (which translates to about double what the Australian government has donated) to save the animal Taz was based on. That company has to be worth tens of millions of dollars if not a billion or two. But that's corporations for you.

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